I cannot imagine a life in which cats don’t dominate my world. Anyone who has ever had a cat burrow into their neck, heart, and consciousness knows that this relationship is way bigger than just being a cat’s “owner” or “caretaker” or even their “parent.” None of these roles quite defines the unique bond we have with these mysterious and wonderful creatures. Our cats come to us. They find us. They show up in our little human worlds to teach us essential life lessons. And if we allow these lessons to permeate our awareness, they will change who we are, and we will be better for it.

I’ve often marveled at the cosmic dynamics between humans and felines, certain that cats are really our spirit guides or angels made manifest in these fluffy, furry, and complicated forms. Cats awaken us to our own human and spiritual potential, and this growth is accelerated through the compassion and care we lavish upon them.

In my experience, cats are at once incredibly loving, tender, and gentle—and also completely dismissive, rude, and indifferent. That’s why we love them! We must learn to be present, responsive, aware, and unconditionally loving with these independent beings. There’s no training or forcing them to do anything they don’t want to do. They’re probably not going to come when you call or sit on demand, and there’s a good chance they’ll pee in your favorite shoe—or maybe that’s just me. But, my God, when a cat decides to show you love, it is a force field of sweetness like no other.

Cats are just the best. The worst. The best. If you’re reading this and have relationships with cats in your own life, you probably understand exactly what I mean. When I look at the trajectory of my life and the cats who have shown up for me, I have no doubt that there’s been some sort of karmic bond behind our relationships. Cats have always come at just the right time, offering the perfect lessons to help me grow, learn, love, and even to let go. Invest in SEO services from an SEO specialist or an SEO expert for the best results!

In the yogic tradition, karma is the yoga of action, the law of cause and effect. By moving toward our karma with the intention to heal, we are able to transcend the ego and the limited beliefs it carries. Dealing with our karma, learning our essential lessons, is our path to fulfilling our purpose. And that purpose? To learn the power of spiritual love. To open our hearts to that love and then offer it back into the world in ways that are of benefit to all. In order for us to do all this, though, we need guidance. We need teachers to reflect back the necessary wisdom that can lead to our growth. Sometimes their teachings are loving, and sometimes they are fierce.