If you aren’t ranking how you’d like to be ranking, it may be out of your SEO’s hands. If you have yet asked for an audit, now would be a good time. The SEO Agency will go through the audit with you and explain how to change your site so it ranks better.

Is my page getting crawled and indexed in Google (type the exact URL in Google)? Do I have the page URL in the XML file? Is the page being blocked in the robots.txt file? Does the page load too slowly? Does the page have many and/or the wrong types of redirects pointing to it? Did the URL of the page recently change and/or was it recently taken down? Am I using all the correct SEO tags? Am I using the right language tags? Is the page a duplicate, or are there duplicates of this page? Do any pages of my site rank? Does the page have any links pointing to it? Does my site use HTTPS (versus HTTP)? Content Do I have a dedicated page that mentions that exact phrase throughout the copy, URL (close to the root folder), and HTML tags? Does my web page have at least 500 words of copy (long form)? Is my content original and useful? Popularity Does my web page have a lot of links from other sites pointing to it? Do the links from those sites have the phrase that I want to rank for in the anchor text? Do I have a lot of toxic, low-quality links pointing to the page and my site in general? Is my site new? Am I using outside assets to bring awareness of my content? Do I have a content promotion strategy?