Ever had those Friday nights where you’re excited to go out but realize you have nothing to wear? The excitement soon fades. How can you go out if you have nothing to wear? You sift through your wardrobe, flinging clothes onto your bed, as you get more frustrated, exclaiming, “I literally have nothing to wear.” So, you call your friend and grumpily say you’re staying in tonight.

This clothes analogy applies to coming up with content for Instagram. If you’re fresh out of ideas, it’s a nightmare. And even if you did come up with an idea for a new post, it’s only one post. Tomorrow is another day and you’ll be scratching your head again. If only you had content on tap.

This will be another problem you'll face: coming up with content that stands out from the crowd. That’s really difficult.

However, there are things that work and don't work. There's actually a system you can use in order to churn out ideas. Here are some of them.

Show What Goes On Behind The Scenes

This is easy to do if you run a business, but it’s not something people think of posting immediately. But guess what? Your audience wants to see what goes on behind the scenes at your business. They want a sneak peek

Show us the faces that make your business what it is. Show us your business is a community. Make a personal connection with your audience by giving them insight into what goes on at a small business.

With this kind of content, you don’t need to be stuck for fresh ideas for a long, long time. There is always something you can show, such as:

• Your staff profiles • A tour of your workplace • Action shots of your staff busy at work • Photos from staff nights out or events


It seems like a no-brainer to post images of your products. But sometimes people are so caught up in posting pictures of food and daily adventures they totally forget to share pictures of what they sell.

This is important, too, because what you are selling is - in theory at least - what sets you apart from your rivals. As such, you need to make sure your audience sees it.

After all, isn’t this what they’re really interested in? Sure, a picture of your dinner looks appetizing. But what they want from you as a brand is a product that’s going to solve a pain point.

Show them what you’ve got - but don’t show too much of it. If all you post is your product, it’s going to get boring and annoying pretty quickly. Promote your products, but not aggressively.

LifeStyle Is The Best Style

If you’re in business, you should already know that good marketing is something that taps a particular emotion in the customer. Rather than just saying, “Hey, here is a pair of sunglasses that will protect you from the sun,” you need to show how these sunglasses will make a person feel. People are looking for fun items not something mundane like Free UK Business Directory.

It’s like car ads. How many times have you watched a car ad and thought, “What the heck does that have to do with a car?” It’s because the brand is making you feel a certain way. They’re saying that if you buy a Porsche, you'll feel like a million dollars.

This is something you can tap into on Instagram.

As you may have noticed, lots of entrepreneurs sell a lifestyle on Instagram. They’re selling a product, but they’re basically saying, “Buy my product and look at the great life you could be living, too!”

So they take pictures of themselves in expensive hotel suites, eating lobster, boarding private jets, working on said private jet, sipping champagne on sun kissed apartment balconies and so on. It’s powerful stuff, because it makes you feel awesome. And pretty soon, you start associating feeling awesome with their brand and their product.

So think about who your audiences are. What are their interests? What are their aspirations? What would their dream life look like? Tap into this. Take photos that reflect all this. Show them you’re already living their dream life, and that if they buy from you, they could live it, too.

Text And Quotes

Some Instagram profiles are basically just text and quotes - nothing else. Some people like it, others don't. However, it’s perfectly okay to use texts and quotes once in awhile. It’s an easy way of creating content when you’re fresh out of ideas. You can even make it a part of your system.

People love inspirational, motivational, sweet quotes that make them feel good. Make sure your quotes and texts are relevant to your niche. If possible, use quotes from famous people.

For your text-based posts, you could post information about your brand. Keep the word count brief. Maybe you could use a text-based post to raise awareness of an event you’re giving, or perhaps you could let us know some statistics related to your industry.

Repost User-Generated Content

You need to reach out to your audience, and show them you care about them. By reposting their ace content, you’re showing them that you appreciate them. And if you’re a big enough brand and they love what you do, you’ll be making their day!