Do not overlook the fact that there are evil people in this world. Frequently we see behaviors in others that we chose to ignore because we don’t want to know the truth about their intentions; we want to believe that people are better than they are and that no one would ever have a reason to harm us. Unfortunately, we tend to look away even when the potential offender is someone close to us. What is an ozone injection?

Jeffrey Dahmer was a notorious serial killer who murdered, raped, and dismembered seventeen young men between 1978 and 1991. Jeffrey’s father, Lionel Dahmer, wrote a book about his son and his horrific crimes after Jeffrey’s trial in 1992. Lionel realized that the way he’d interpreted Jeffrey’s behaviors as a young man had been naïve.

He essentially knew something was wrong with his son but looked the other way because he didn’t want to believe what his senses were telling him. “I allowed myself to believe Jeff,” Lionel stated, “to accept all his answers regardless of how implausible they might seem.… More than anything, I allowed myself to believe that there was a line in Jeff, a line he wouldn’t cross … my life became an exercise in avoidance and denial.” People are incredibly good at avoidance and denial. We choose to think that those around us have nothing but the best of intentions because that’s the way we feel about ourselves. It’s very important to open your eyes to the fact that bad people exist, and those people want to either take what you have or hurt you just for the hell of it. I realize you can’t go through life thinking everyone is out to get you, but you have to acknowledge they are out there, and they’re sizing you up. What is prolotherapy and what is the most effective knee arthritis treatment?

As you begin your self-assessment, make a list of the people who may have grudges against you, or raise your suspicion for any reason. Have you made anyone angry lately? Have you severed ties with someone close to you who may still want your attention? Are there strangers in your life who repeatedly pop up in random places? Give it a lot of thought and make your list. This isn’t necessarily a physical list of people you plan on systematically cutting out of your life; this is simply a mental exercise to help you work through the process of narrowing down potential threats to your personal safety.

If you should choose to write them down, use the self-assessment guide in the appendix to help you organize your thoughts. That guy who got aggressive with you over a parking spot, he’s on the list. The ex who keeps stalking you on social media, put him or her on the list. That stranger who shows up beside you every day at the subway station, he’s definitely on the list. Revisit and update your list often, pay very close attention to your personal interactions with others, and make a note of any changes in attitude or behavior. This is another important step in raising your awareness level. If the same person repeatedly pops up on your list for separate reasons, then you should have your defenses up when that person is around you.